Iraq's Future: Democracy, Theocracy or Both?

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Though the Bush administration speaks in sweeping terms about bringing the gift of democracy to Iraq, there is no doubt that Islam will play a role. There will be no such thing as separation of mosque and state in this fledgling democracy, and even US Civil Administrator Paul Bremer concedes that the constitution will include the concept of Islam as the state religion. Shiite Muslims, who comprise 70 percent of the Iraqi population and were persecuted by Saddam Hussein for 30 years, are more than ready to stake a claim on political power. What will that mean for the Kurds, the Sunni Muslims? Can they all unite to form a government? Guest host Judy Muller examines the role of Islam in the new Iraq with experts in international affairs and national defense, a former State Department policy planner, and a former exile now with one of the country's new secular parties.
  • Making News: Threat Level Raised to Orange for the Holidays
    With fresh intelligence suggesting that al Qaeda is planning multiple catastrophic attacks in the US, the Bush administration has raised the terror alert level to orange or high risk. Despite stepped-up security procedures across the country, Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge encouraged Americans to enjoy the holidays but to "be vigilant." Jack Reilly is an expert on domestic terrorism and preparedness at the Rand Corporation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Slides Chronicle the History of American Holiday Celebration
    Amateur photography is repetitious and often boring even to those who were behind the cameras, snapping shots of family parties, vacations or holiday celebrations. So, why is a slide show of amateur pictures playing New York-s Pyramid Club Theater in the East Village, soon to move to the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood? Charles Phoenix's God Bless Americana: The Retro Holiday Slide Show has been recognized by the International Fringe Festival for its -unique theatrical experience.-
Guest host JUDY MULLER is a professor of journalism at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California and a correspondent for ABC News.

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