Is America Turning Off to the Presidency Itself?

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Florida's State Supreme Court may or may not bring an end to a seemingly endless presidential campaign. Arguments rage over chads and absentee-ballots as political scheming, backbiting and legal maneuvering appear to have taken over Florida and other states. Today we ask whether the "awe" has gone out of the presidency itself, and consider how the rest of the country feels with a regional sampling of voices from political editors and columnists.
  • Newsmaker: Florida Supreme Court Hears Election Issues -- The Florida State Supreme Court considers election-related lawsuits today. One expert observer will be Howard Fink, Professor at Stetson University College of Law in St. Petersburg. He reminds us that the court has deliberated these issues before. What is historic today is that their decision will decide the election.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Fujimori Resigns -- Alberto Fujimori remains in Tokyo after announcing his resignation as President of Peru. Rossana Echeandia, political editor at El Comercio, a national daily, gives us the latest on the vacuum created by the president's apparent flight to avoid prosecution as the country he appears to have deserted tries to pick up the pieces.

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