Is Israel's Peace Movement Dead?

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President Bush was reluctant to get involved in the Middle East after President Clinton's failed peace efforts, but Israel's reoccupation of the Gaza Strip brought a harsh rebuke from Secretary of State Colin Powell. Israel's withdrawal sparked debate over whether President Sharon intended a brief occupation or was responding to US criticism. Does Israel's peace movement still exist? Should President Bush get more deeply involved? We'll hear some provocative thoughts from Palestinian and Israeli human rights workers, government representatives and journalists.
  • Newsmaker: Drug Companies Drop Lawsuit against South Africa - The world's major drug companies have dropped their suit against South Africa's importing and production of anti-AIDs drugs. Doctors Without Borders' Toby Kaspar says manufacturers abandoned their allegations of insufficient national infrastructure and patent violation and bowed to public pressure in this case of enormous symbolic importance.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Supreme Court Upholds Race Factor in Redistricting - Stepping back from decisions that condemned "racial gerrymandering," the Supreme Court yesterday approved the use of race as a factor in Congressional districting, if it is not the major one. Eddie Lazarus, who has written extensively on the court, elucidates its "mushy compromise," and speaks to the idiosyncratic swing vote of Justice O'Connor.

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