Can Republicans Keep Their Party Together?

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House Speaker John Boehner has said that taking control of Congress was "the first big adult moment" in years for the Republican Party. Now the very same Tea Partiers and other movement conservatives that helped Republicans win control of the Congress are challenging the GOP establishment, starting with Michele Bachmann. The controversial Minnesota Congresswoman says she's not Boehner's rival, but she got national attention with a televised response to the State of the Union speech even though Wisconsin's Paul Ryan had just provided the official rebuttal. Veteran Senators Hatch, Lugar and Snowe face challenges in next year's GOP primaries, and Presidential hopefuls may face a right-wing litmus test in New Hampshire. Is the Party divided between pragmatists who want to work within the system and ideologues who want to blow it up?

Michele Bachmann responds to State of the Union




Warren Olney