Is This Finally the Moment for Healthcare Reform?

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For the first time since Bill Clinton's first term as president, healthcare reform is at the top the White House agenda. We hear what Barack Obama is doing to seize the moment on universal coverage, cost control and the debate between private and public insurance. Also, Obama announces stimulus money for summer jobs, and Lebanon's ruling coalition appears to have defeated an electoral challenge from Hezbollah.  Did President Obama's speech to the Muslim world help increase the turnout?

Banner image: Healthcare reform activists hold signs as they protest outside the office of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi May 29, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Dozens of healthcare reform activists staged a protest outside the office of Speaker Pelosi's office urging her to support single payer healthcare legislation HR 676, the US National Healthcare Act, authored by US Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images



Warren Olney