London Bombings, Transit Safety and International Terror

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British police killed a man in a London subway today and released closed-circuit TV pictures of four suspects in yesterday's aborted bombings. President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair have insisted that terrorists are motivated not by their policies, but by an ideology of hatred against the western lifestyle and values. Though the Independent says senior ministers have dismissed the Iraq connection by disparaging their critics, the London paper now says that "an authoritative report from the much-respected think-tank Chatham House is not so easily swept to one side." What made Britain a terrorist target? With federal money for transit safety being cut by Congress, what's being done to reassure passengers in New York, Washington and LA? We hear from journalists, Muslims, and experts in transit and security.
  • Making News: Update on the Investigation in London
    Police in Britain shot a man to death in a subway this morning and said the incident was related to yesterday's aborted bombings. As he released closed-circuit TV pictures of four suspects, London Police Commissioner Ian Blair and Deputy Commissioner Andy Hayman appealed for public assistance. Police officials did not take any questions today from reporters. Gordon Corera, security correspondent for the BBC, updates the rare shooting.
  • Reporter's Notebook: It Looks Like Lance's Lucky Seven
    Lance Armstrong has yet to win any of the 19 stages held so far in this year's Tour de France, but his cumulative performance has him comfortably ahead of the pack. Still, tomorrow's a big day if he's is to win it all for the seventh year in a row. Saturday's time trial will determine riders' standings before Sunday's final ride into Paris. Cycling correspondent Jeremy Whittle is the author of Le Tour: A Century of the Tour De France.

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