Lost in the Public Debate

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It's a truism that the world changed on September 11. But in another sense, the world didn't change. We just stopped noticing. Prescription drugs, the uninsured, the environment, Social Security, Microsoft, and that little question of who actually won the 2000 election joined a host of battles lost amidst questions of war and terror. In a special year end dinner party of the airwaves, a quintet of America's top editors, columnists and authors talk about what's been missing, and what to look for in the new year. (Syndicated columnist and co-host of KCRW's Left, Right and Center, Matt Miller guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: New bin Laden Video
    A spokesman for Afghanistan's defense ministry claims Osama bin Laden is in Pakistan, protected by supporters of a radical Islamic leader who helped create the Taliban. Meanwhile, al Jazeera has released a new video showing a tired-looking bin Laden stating "terrorism is benign." It is unclear when the tape was recorded. Najam Sethi, editor of The Friday Times, assesses this latest development.
  • Reporter's Notebook: A New Coat for The Eiffel Tower
    One of the great manmade landmarks of the world is about to be painted for the eighteenth time since its installation in 1889. Over the next 15 months, 25 painters will brush some 60 tons of paint onto the Eiffel Tower to conserve its durability. The process is being closely watched by Peter Ford, who lives in Paris and writes for The Christian Science Monitor.



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