Lucky Sharm: President Bush Takes Road Map to the Arabs

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In Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt today, President Bush repeated his personal commitment to making peace in the Middle East and creating a Palestinian state by 2005. The leaders of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and Egypt supported the -road map- and made a place at the table for the new Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas. As the President heads for tomorrow-s meeting with Abbas and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel, can he persuade the Palestinians to give up the right of return? Will he pressure Israelis to vacate the settlements? We join journalists in Egypt, a political scientist from the Kennedy School of Government and the political editor of the Wall Street Journal for a look at the challenges of finishing what Bush has begun-for a President who-s running for re-election.
  • Making News: Martha Stewart-s Plea Fails
    Martha Stewart will plead innocent and go to trail if she is formally charged with insider training, says her attorney. Stewart failed to strike a deal with federal authorities probing her December, 2001 sale of ImClone, which came a day before the Food and Drug Administration held up approval of the cancer drug. Joshua Chaffin of Financial Times says an indictment could come as early as tomorrow.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Presidential Candidate Howard Dean
    The son of a financier, Howard Dean grew up on Park Avenue, went to Yale, then became a doctor and moved to Vermont, where he entered politics and served as governor for eleven years. The first Democrat to establish a presidential organizing committee, 54 year-old Dean talks about Iraq, the Middle East, healthcare, the budget, and what it will take to beat George Bush in 2004.


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