Many are Rich but Millions are Hungry

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In history's most prosperous country, 31 million people, mostly children, don't get enough to eat. Supplies of free food are at all time lows and the Food Stamp program is under attack as inadequate and misdirected. We discuss private and faith-based alternatives with Marvin Olasky, the original "compassionate conservative," and others. First we'll put a human face on America's hungry.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Meets Clinton, Bush Meets Gore - George W. Bush met with President Clinton, then Vice-President Gore today. Rich Lowrie, editor of the conservative National Review, foresees no honeymoon for the President-elect, and says that Bush faces a delicate task in naming cabinet appointments.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Energy Summit in Washington - Arthur O'Donnell, of the independent newsletter Energy Markets, says that California's energy crunch has served as a cautionary warning for other parts of the nation.

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