Rodney King, Face of LA Riots, Dies at Age 47

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rodney_king.jpgIn a Southern California story of national interest, Rodney King was found dead last night in his swimming pool at the age of 47. He was the unarmed, black victim of a savage beating by Los Angeles police officers more than 20 years ago. When the officers were acquitted by a suburban jury, in 1992, the city experienced America's worst rioting of the 20th Century. Today, Charlie Beck, current chief of the LAPD, said that King brought "immensely positive change to the city." Pending further examination, officials say there's no evidence of foul play in the death of Rodney King. He appears to have drowned accidentally.



Photo: Rodney King (R) as he arrives at EsoWon bookstore in Los Angeles to sign copies of his new book. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images




  • Connie Rice - Los Angeles civil rights attorney, former member of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing - @ConnieRicePCN
  • Fernando Guerra - Professor of Political Science; Director of the Center of the Study of Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University - @LMU_CSLA


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