Nine Democrats Think George W. Bush Is Beatable in 2004

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Once again--like father, like son--a President Bush looks strong on national defense in a time of economic troubles. Yet, it-s an axiom of politics that you can-t beat somebody with nobody. Who are the candidates offering themselves to the Democrats in a race that may be all over less than a year from now? Four current and one former US Senators, two members of Congress, a former Governor and a community activist who-s never held public office are vying for the Democratic nomination in the 2004 presidential election. Their first test will not be the familiar kind of election at all, but the Iowa caucuses. We hear what they-re telling the party faithful-and why, from political scientists, political consultants and political reporters from South Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire.
  • Making News: Congressman Waxman Questions Halliburton Contract
    A Democratic Congressman claims the Bush Defense Department is awarding contracts to a company that deals with countries known to be sponsors of terrorism. Halliburton, once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, has been awarded the no-bid contract despite numerous government overcharges. Congressman Henry Waxman of Los Angeles is the ranking minority member of the Committee on Government Reform.
  • Reporter's Notebook: General Motors- Settlements for Fiery Crashes
    A federal judge in Montana has released information showing that General Motors paid $495 million to settle a series of lawsuits brought by the victims of fiery crashes involving C/K pick-up trucks made between 1973 and 1987. GM, which fought hard to keep the payouts secret, calls the judge-s action -poor public policy.- Myron Levin, who wrote the story for the Los Angeles Times, says the revelation will promote public safety.


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