North Korea Withdraws from Nonproliferation Treaty

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North Korea says it-s withdrawing from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty--to defend itself against the United States. Despite the White House and several other leaders condemning the move as a step toward undermining world order, North Korean officials are meeting with the Governor of New Mexico. How is the Bush Administration handling this latest challenge from an unpredictable -rogue state?- How serious is North Korea-s warning of a possible -Third World War?- We get rather different views from experts on Asian security issues, weapons proliferation, terrorism and US-Asian relations.
  • Newsmaker: Governor Richardson Becomes North Korea-s Chosen Diplomat
    Even as the White House says North Korea-s latest action has further isolated it from the rest of the world, the State Department gave permission for two North Korean diplomats to travel to New Mexico. There, they-ve been meeting with New Mexico-s newly elected Governor Bill Richardson. Steve Terrell, who reports for the Capitol bureau of the Santa Fe New Mexican, reports that details of the talks are sketchy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: In the Gulf, Curiosity Prevails over Hatred of US
    Much has been said about America-s image in the Middle East, and the question is often formulated as, -Why do they hate us?- Yet one recent traveler found that hatred was less apparent than curiosity. Tony Perry of the Los Angeles Times worked exclusively in this country until he went to Afghanistan with US troops two years ago. There he found himself a kind of unofficial ambassador to a region overwhelmingly curious about the US.



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