Oil Industry Dampens Global Warming

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Ford, British Airways and even British Petroleum have called on the world's richest nations to take urgent action on global warming. At next month's G8 Summit Prime Minister Tony Blair wants a global plan to cut greenhouse emissions. At his Wednesday news conference with Blair, President Bush said the US is "acting" to deal with climate change. But it's no secret that US policy on greenhouse gasses is at odds with that of Britain and most other industrial nations. Now, newly uncovered documents indicate an important oil industry role in White House policy-making. Have the economic concerns of big oil trumped the science of climate change? We hear more about the politics of science and global warming from environmentalists and legal watchdogs.
  • Making News: Counterterrorism, the Patriot Act and a Missed Memo
    One day after another report on intelligence failures before September 11, President Bush today appointed retired Vice Admiral John S. Redd to head the National Counter-terrorism Center. Josh Meyer, who covers terrorism for the Los Angeles Times, has more.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The FBI Changes Story in Lodi Terror Investigation
    This week, media reported that a man arrested in Northern California had told the FBI he trained in Pakistan to kill Americans at -hospitals and large food stores.- Now, that claim has been removed from an FBI document filed with a federal court in Sacramento. Lawyers for 22 year-old Hamid Hayat plan to challenge the US government in court because of changes in the FBI affidavit supporting charges that he lied to FBI agents. Greg Krikorian covers terrorism for the Los Angeles Times.



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