Osama bin Laden Divides Palestinians

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Osama bin Laden is a hero to some Palestinians, but his support could discredit their cause with the West and moderate Muslims. Yasser Arafat has positioned himself on the side of the US in the war against terrorism hoping for American support in creating a Palestinian state. But his crackdown on pro-bin Laden anti-American protesters has created a backlash from Hamas, the fundamentalist group that could be a threat to Arafat's position of power. We hear about the issues dividing Palestinians from Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Palestinian human rights, policy and development organizations.
  • Newsmaker: Anthrax Case in New York - An NBC employee in New York City has tested positive for a skin form of anthrax. Time magazine's Michael Lemonick and UCLA's Gregory Stock discuss public reaction to the news and success in fighting the disease. Discussing the relatively "weak" contamination, they laud preparations for fighting future incidents.
  • Newsmaker: Muslim Authority Reforms His Fatwa Beliefs - A fatwa, religious opinion, from five Middle East Muslim scholars, which was eagerly received by the West because it came from religious leaders who have been harshly critical of the US, may not be what it originally appeared. Muqtedar Khan, of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, explains the apparent discrepancy.

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