Pakistan Warns Afghanistan

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The President has restated his determination to seek out participants in last week's attacks on New York and Washington as well as those who provide them safe haven, expressing confidence of global support for such an effort. As a delegation from Pakistan travels to Afghanistan to demand that the Taliban turn over Osama bin Laden or face military attack by the US, we look at the prospects for action in that country. We'll also assess the likelihood of cooperation from other countries where terrorists are thought to be hiding, with journalists, diplomats and defense experts.
  • Newsmaker: Stocks Plunge as Market Reopens - Today, for the first time since Tuesday's attack on the World Trade Center, the stock markets were up and running. Bloomberg TV's Dylan Ratigan was at the New York Stock Exchange today as well as last Tuesday. He reports that the mood on the floor was highly charged, and the action exactly as anticipated.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Hollywood's Response to the Terrorist Attacks - Americans' seemingly unquenchable taste for violence has been tragically sated. In response to last week's terrorist attacks, Hollywood executives have pulled the plug on several violence-filled TV and film projects. Bernard Weinraub, entertainment writer for The New York Times, says big changes are coming soon to TV and the movies.

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