Pope John Paul and the Death Penalty

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The death of Pope John Paul II has focused attention on his teaching against capital punishment as inconsistent with what he called -the culture of life,- but in this country, the debate continues--from New York, where the state legislature is considering proposals to reinstate the death penalty, to Texas, where lawmakers have just rejected the alternative of life without the possibility of parole. Meantime, Amnesty International says nearly 4,000 people were executed last year worldwide, the most in nearly a decade. China was first with 3500, Iran was next with 159, followed by Vietnam and the US, almost the only western democracy on the list. We discuss the legal and religious arguments over the ultimate penalty with attorneys, human rights advocates and practicing Catholics.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Monaco-s Prince Rainier Dies
    The Grimaldi family took over Monaco in 1297. Near the French and Italian border, it became a gambling Mecca, but was nearly bankrupt when Prince Rainier III inherited it in 1949. Rainier was the playboy prince who married Grace Kelly and then made the tiny principality a destination for Hollywood stars, European aristocrats and big money. Grace Kelly died 20 years ago. Rainier died today. Jon Henley is Paris Bureau Chief for Britain-s Guardian newspaper.

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