Bush Calls for New Summit after Olmert-Abbas Meeting in Jerusalem

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After a summit meeting today between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, President Bush called for a regional conference, chaired by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to resume the peace process. He offered US support to the new government in the West Bank with further efforts to isolate Hamas, which now controls Gaza. What about the divided authority between the West Bank and Gaza? Can there be peace with just part of the Palestinian Territories? Do Israelis still believe that peace is a realistic objective? We hear from Washington, Jerusalem and Gaza.


Paul Richter - State Department Correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, Joel Greenberg - freelance reporter, Hazem Abu Shanab - Palestinian political analyst, Mordechai Kedar - Arab Affairs Expert, Bar Ilan University, Tom Segev - Columnist, Ha'aretz

Warren Olney

Dan Konecky, Andrea Brody, Karen Radziner