Pragmatism and Principle Are Dividing the GOP

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Ronald Reagan's advice to party colleagues was, "never speak ill of another Republican." But "the Civil War has begun," according to conservative David Bossie of Citizens United, blogging this week on — and referring to a Republican Party now sharply divided after failing to take the White House last year and over how to capture the Senate in next year's elections. Karl Rove has promised big money to oppose GOP primary candidates he calls "unelectable" because they're too extreme to beat Democrats. That's caused a Tea Party backlash against a "Washington establishment" accused of clinging to power by compromising on principle. We hear about a party divided on many issues, and on how to capture the Senate in next year's elections.


Ron Brownstein - Senior Editor, The Atlantic - @RonBrownstein, Jonathan Collegio - American Crossroads, Jenny Beth Martin - Tea Party Patriots - @jennybethm, Sam Tanenhaus - Bloomberg View - @samtanenhaus

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