Saddam Hussein: Dictator, Tactician, Survivor

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Iraqi officials said today they are willing to deal with gaps in their 12,000-page report about Iraq-s weapons programs, and even invited the CIA to join weapons inspectors now in the country. Is Saddam Hussein really trying to avoid war, or just to postpone it? What does his past behavior tell us about what he-s likely to do now? Knowing what it has known for years about the brutal dictator, should the US have acted differently in the past? As the US continue its preparations for war, we look to Saddam-s past to better understand what he-ll do in the future with former members of his regime, the US State Department and the CIA, including a member of the team that organized a 1995 coup attempt against the Iraqi dictator.
Sara Terry guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: Tennessee Senator Bill Frist Voted in as Senate Majority Leader
    Bill Frist is the man of the hour, the heart surgeon-turned-politician who-s set to replace Trent Lott as the Republicans- Senate Majority Leader. It-s a fairy tale rise to power for a man who never even registered to vote until a few years before his first run at elected office, which landed him in the US Senate in 1994. Gail Chaddock, who covers Congress for the Christian Science Monitor, has a profile of Frist.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: The Physics of Football
    What do Newton-s third and fourth laws have to do with football? What happens when two huge men collide on a grassy field? In 1998, physics professor Dr. Timothy Gay began providing educational-science tidbits on HuskerVision, the University of Nebraska-s football scoreboards. This fall, Dr. Gay began hosting The Physics of Football, which is being broadcast by NFL Films in some 190 countries.

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