Planned Parenthood Video Sting Reignites the Abortion Debate

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In the past two weeks the Center for Medical Progress, a group headed by longtime anti-abortion activist David Daleiden, has released two videos of Planned Parenthood officials discussing the price and methods for providing fetal tissue from abortions for medical research. It reportedly has thousands of hours of footage from covert recordings gathered over the past two and a half years. Planned Parenthood calls it a deceptive campaign by abortion foes to misrepresent their work and discredit them. But the undercover sting has already prompted congressional and state investigations into Planned Parenthood's practices and has re-positioned abortion as a key issue Republican presidential hopefuls use to capture the party's conservative base.


Emily Bazelon - staff writer for the New York Times magazine, co-host of Slate’s Political Gabfest podcast, and a fellow at Yale Law School - @EmilyBazelon, Mollie Hemingway - The Federalist - @MZHemingway, Bonnie Steinbock - University at Albany, State University of New York , Charles Camosy - Fordham University

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