Should Fast Food Workers Get a ‘Living Wage?’

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Seven dollars and twenty-five cents is the federal minimum wage and, this week, workers in 7 cities have gone to the streets demanding their pay be doubled to 15 dollars an hour.  They hope to embarrass brands like McDonald’s—chains claiming their franchisees provide short-term, entry-level jobs while only making marginal profits. The Detroit Institute of Arts includes masterpieces from all over the world.  Will they be sold off in bankruptcy proceedings—or protected as essential to “the soul of the city?”  And on today’s Talking Point, after five weeks in a Moscow airport, the fugitive leaker Edward Snowden has been granted temporary asylum—with permission to live, and possibly work, in Russia for at least a year.  

Banner Image: Protester holds up a sign at a demonstration outside McDonald's in NYC, Andrew Kelly/REUTERS



Warren Olney