Showdown Continues as Israel Pulls Out of Gaza

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Sixty percent of Israeli settlers have now left or been removed from Gaza, but an incident in the West Bank today could cause trouble. An Israel driver reportedly shot two Palestinian passengers, then fired into a group, killing another and injuring two more. There have been threats of reprisal. Meantime in Gaza, some 60 percent of the settlers are now said to have left or been removed. Is this historic event the beginning or the end of Israeli withdrawal? We hear from a departing settler and from a soldier ordered to evacuate fellow Israelis, get reaction from Gaza City, and find out what's next from the Palestinian point of view.
  • Making News: Car Bombs Rock Baghdad, Constitution Negotiations Continue
    As negotiations over Iraq's new constitution resumed, three suicide car-bombers killed as many as 43 people and wounded scores more. It was one of the worst days for weeks in Baghdad. Ashraf Khalil, who is reporting from Baghdad for the Los Angeles Times, has an update on the carefully coordinated attacks and ongoing attempts to finalize a Constitution.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Independent Inquiry Contradicts Police Report of Shooting
    The day after four bombing attempts on London's transit system, Scotland Yard claimed that police shot a suspect because he ignored orders to stop and out of fear that his jacket could have hidden explosives. But the Brazilian did not flee and there was no padded jacket. Today, British police confirmed the veracity of leaked documents and photos that contradict original reports, says Duncan Campbell of the Guardian newspaper.

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