Starving Out Hamas

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On Saturday, the newly elected Palestinian parliament will be sworn in, with Hamas in the majority for the first time. Hamas will not renounce violence or recognize the right of Israel to exist. So Israel plans to freeze $50 million a month in taxes and customs duties, money the Palestinian Authority needs to pay 140,000 employees, who support a third of the population. The US and Europe regard Hamas as a terrorist organization, which means a large portion of their aid to the Palestinians will be held up as well. Will that force Hamas to change its ways? If not, will Palestinian voters force change on their own? Would dealing with Hamas now be appeasing terrorism? Will anything less be punishing voters in a budding democracy? We hear more from journalists and scholars in the US and Middle East, experts in defense and foreign policy, and a Palestinian parliamentary candidate from the Gaza Strip.
  • Making News: UN Report Calls for Closure of Guant--namo
    After an 18-month investigation, five envoys of the United Nations say the United States should close the detention facility at Guant--namo Bay. The Parliament of the European Union agrees. Suzanne Goldenberg, who is following the developments for the Guardian of London, says the Bush Administration has dismissed envoys' concerns about torture, religious freedom and human rights.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Despite Irregularities, Ren-- Pr--val Declared President of Haiti
    During Ren-- Pr--val's first term as president, Haiti was relatively peaceful, and he became the only leader in Haitian history to peacefully turn over power at the end of his term in 2001. Now, after angry demonstrations and with just 51% of the vote, Pr--val's been declared President again. Kathie Klarreich, who has covered Haiti for 20 years, has more on the deal that's been reached over accusations of fraud and prospects for peace and political stability.

UN Commission on Human Rights issues situation of detainees at Guant--namo Bay

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