Sustainable Development

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While half the world-s population is living on less than two dollars a day, the resources needed to increase standards of living are being used up already. -Sustainable development- means creating a better life now while guaranteeing that the species survives in the future. That sounds simple enough until you try to put it in practice, as 40,000 UN delegates are finding this week in Johannesburg, South Africa. We discuss the challenge of putting sustainable development into practice with environmental promoters and skeptics from the Rocky Mountain Institute, Denmark-s national Environmental Assessment Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Newsmaker: Israeli Restrictions Devastate Palestinian Economy
    The United Nations reports that the economic impact of Israel-s restrictions on the Palestinian Territories is -deeper and broader- than had been imagined. So the UN-s Middle East envoy has called on Israel to ease the restrictions despite, what he calls -very legitimate- security concerns. Alan Philips, who has just returned from the Gaza strip to Jerusalem, where-s he-s based for the Daily Telegraph, reports on the UN-s findings.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: NFL Rookies Snicker through Summer How-To Boot Camp
    A rookie in the National Football League is a man-child in the promised land. But because hubris, combined with inexperience, can quickly destroy dreams, the NFL is trying to protect itself and the rookies with warnings about potential pitfalls. Stephen J. Dubner, who reported the story for the New York Times Magazine, expounds on the NFL-s solution, a -blend of motivational seminar, boot camp and -Scared Straight.--

UN's Preliminary Findings on Palestinian Economy

World Summit on Sustainable Development




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