Freed Sailors Arrive in London amid Many Questions

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After a week and a half of what looked like comfortable captivity in Iran, fifteen British marines and sailors are back with their families as the rest of the world looks at the aftermath of a potentially dangerous episode. Iran and the European Union already have resumed discussions on Iran's nuclear program, so communications channels are still open. What about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Tony Blair? Was the prisoner release a "gift" from Iran or dramatic damage control?  Despite Britain’s denials, was there a deal? We’ll hear how perceptions differ from the Middle East to the Western World. 


Julian Borger - World Affairs Editor for the Guardian - @julianborger, Mansour Farhang - Professor of Political Science at Bennington College, Joseph Cirincione - Ploughshares Fund - @Cirincione, Fawaz Gerges - London School of Economics and Politics, Nile Gardiner - former Advisor to Rudy Giuliani, Robin Wright - contributing writer at The New Yorker magazine, and a joint fellow at U.S. Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson Center - @wrightr

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Vanessa Romo, Karen Radziner, Katie Cooper