The Culture Wars Continue: Judge Moore and Judicial Nominations

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Yesterday, a unanimous special court removed Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, saying that the judge -placed himself above the law,- by defying a federal court order to remove a massive monument to the Ten Commandments from the state courthouse. Afterward, a defiant Moore claimed the real issue is -whether the state can acknowledge God.- Alabama Attorney General William Pryor, who once supported the monument but later successfully prosecuted the Chief Justice after defied the federal order, is one of the judicial nominees being rejected by Senate Democrats. The removal of Alabama-s Chief Justice and Senate-s latest marathon dramatize questions about judges- beliefs and opinions and the rule of law. We get perspective from two attorneys involved in the Alabama case, and defenders of traditional religious and progressive civil values.
  • Making News: The Senate Talkathon
    This week, despite holding the US Senate in session for 40 hours, Republicans failed to change a single Democratic vote. The result is that six of President Bush-s judicial nominees have now been rejected. Paul Cane, senior writer for Roll Call, says the latest filibuster has drawn public attention to the partisan roadblock.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Pellicano Tapes
    After looking into alleged ties between actor Steven Seagal and a reputed mob figure, an Los Angeles Times reporter found a dead fish and a rose on her car with sign saying -stop.- Now, Anthony Pellicano is accused of illegal wiretapping and has pleaded guilty to keeping illegal explosives in his safe. Bernard Weinraub is following the FBI investigation into the actions of the Hollywood private eye for the New York Times.

Cane's article on the filibuster

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Glassroth v Moore, Case# 01-T-1268-N

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