The Decline of the American Empire?

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The Bush years have been marked by a vigorous debate on whether America has moved from superpower to empire. When she was National Security Advisor, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice clearly said the United States had no imperial ambitions. But with no other superpowers in sight, what is the role of the US in the world today? How have President Bush's strategies on national security and the "war on terror" affected America's actions on the global stage, and how is it regarded by others? What about the challenge from growing economic giants such as China? At home, does a decline in civic involvement signal a weakening from within? Guest host Sara Terry guest explores the forces shaping America's identity.
  • Making News: No Clear Winner in Mexico's Presidential Election
    In Mexico today, both the PAN's Felipe Calder--n and the PRD's Andr--s Manuel L--pez Orbrador declared themselves the victor in Saturday's presidential election. The voting was so close that the Federal Electoral Institute said it will not announce a winner until after an official count of more than thirty-six million votes, which is set to begin on Wednesday. Hugh Dellios, Mexico correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, says a winner probably won't be announced until Sunday.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Taliban Resurgence in Afghanistan
    Five years after being driven from power, the Taliban are waging an aggressive comeback in southern Afghanistan, engaging western forces in deadly combat. Though western commanders predicts ultimate success, the conflict threatens the stability of President Hamid Karzai's fragile regime and raises questions about whether military action fans the flames of longstanding local animosity against foreign intervention. Carlotta Gall is covering the story for the New York Times.
Guest host Sara Terry is an award-winning writer and photographer, Her latest photo-documentary project is Aftermath: Bosnia's Long Road to Peace.

Mexico's Instituto Federal Electoral

PRD candidate Andr--s Manuel L--pez Orbrador

PAN candidate Felipe Calder--n

Dellios' article on lack of clear winner in Mexico's presidential election

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Gall's article on US-Afghan friction over conduct of insurgency raids



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