The Divided Capitol

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After recounts and lawsuits, it's hard to believe that winning the White House maybe the easy part. The real challenge will come when the winner takes office. Neither candidate will have a mandate and the Congress will be split virtually down the middle. Will the next President be able to get anything done? We get opinions from several authorities including Norman Ornstein, of the American Enterprise Institute, and former Congressman Mickey Edwards
  • Newsmaker: A Florida court has upheld today's 5pm reporting deadline for election results, but instructs Florida's secretary of state not to ignore votes that arrive later. Warren Richey, legal writer and staff reporter for the Christian Science Monitor, warns that the second part of the decision may set the stage for potential litigation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: In the early morning after last week's election, Gore phoned Bush to concede, based on erroneous projections, then again to withdraw the concession. Humorist Harry Shearer, star of KCRW's Le Show, has created his own version of what may be the third phone chat between the men who would be president.

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