The Environment: Clinton's Legacy, Bush's Future

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Some say that Clinton has been the most environmentally active president since Teddy Roosevelt, setting aside millions of acres and creating 13 national monuments. President-elect Bush will enjoy the same authority and, although politically difficult, could undo many of Clinton's efforts. Guest host Laurie Levenson looks at Clinton's environmental legacy with environmentalists and their critics and ask what ecological ethic Bush will bring to the White House.
  • Newsmaker: Mid East Talks Cancelled - Hours after the cancellation of a planned summit between Israeli Prime Minister Barak and Palestinian leader Arafat, a bomb went off on a bus in Tel Aviv and an explosion went off in the Gaza Strip, killing two people. Cameron Barr is a Jerusalem-based staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Vanishing Tongues - Experts predict that over the next hundred years we'll lose 90% of the world's 6700 languages to globalization. Warren Olney spoke with Steven Bird, a professor or computer science and linguistics, who is using technology to preserve these disappearing languages.

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