The Forgotten Middle East

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Last night, for the first time in eight months, President Bush addressed the issue of Israel and the Palestinians, saying that removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq would be a stepping stone to Middle East peace. He referred to the -road map,- devised by the -Quartet---the US, Europe, Russia and the United Nations, that would require the Palestinians to give up terrorism and institute democratic reforms while Israel agreed to the creation of a Palestinian state. At almost the same moment, Israel swore in a new government that includes elements opposed to Bush-s repeatedly stated goal of a Palestinian state. Will war in Iraq bring peace? We hear from current and former government officials from Israel, the Palestinian Legislative Council, Britain and the US.
  • Making News: With Mind on Iraq, Bush Remembers Afghanistan
    Iraq may destroy rockets with ranges that exceed the limits imposed by the UN, but President Bush will not retreat from military action. Today, the President attacked Saddam Hussein-s -campaign of deception- and called for -total, complete disarmament.- Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune says that Bush-s remarks were directed, not at the UN, but at the American people and the Arab world.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Death of Mister Rogers, the Loss of a Beloved Neighbor
    One of America-s best known and most beloved public figures died today. Broadcasting from Pittsburgh public TV station WQED from 1968 to the year 2000, Mr. Rogers invited children into neighborhoods of both reality and make-believe. Early today, Fred Rogers died of stomach cancer at the age of 74. Peggy Charren, founder of Action for Children-s Television, remembers Mr. Rogers and what he brought to generations of American.

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