The GOP and the Lessons of Last Year's Election

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Barack Obama's second victory showed Republicans that the nation is changing, and that's led to an agonizing reappraisal. They're agreed on the need to reach out to Hispanics, women, blacks and Asians, but are divided on how that should be done. Rethinking core policies could alienate one or more party factions. Re-writing election rules could look like rigging the system. Will the emphasis change on immigration, big business, foreign policy and social issues? Will they look to the states, rather than Washington? 


Jeff Zeleny - New York Times - @jeffzeleny, Whit Ayres - North Star Opinion Research - @whitayres, Luis Alvarado - co-founder of Grow Elect, a Latino Republican PAC; former press secretary for the California Republican Party - @latinostrategy, Tim Alberta - Politico Magazine; author of “American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump”

Warren Olney

Frances Anderton, Caitlin Shamberg, Katie Cooper