Is Mitt Romney a Winner or a Survivor?

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The Detroit News says, Romney's front-runner status has been "restored." The American Spectator says, "The front runner is bleeding." Mitt Romney won Arizona big time in yesterday's voting, but he took his home state by only three points and the final count may show that Rick Santorum won an equal number of delegates. Now it's on to caucuses in Washington State on Sunday -- and 10 states on Super Tuesday next week -- with more delegates at stake than the total number in contests so far. Did Romney win or did he escape a home-state defeat that could have meant curtains? Does he have the momentum to get by Santorum in Ohio and Newt Gingrich in Georgia? As the process drags on, will it lead to a winner, as it did for the Democrats four years ago, or is the GOP flirting with political disaster?




Warren Olney