The Politics of Abortion

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Still a polarizing issue, abortion may longer be the pro-life or pro-choice absolute it once was. As politics try to keep pace with technology, the geography of the debate moves from law to medicine and education. We examine the politics of abortion as well as reproductive issues, eugenics, and fetal rights, and consider whether tomorrow's argument will move away from abortion entirely, to designing our descendents. We get input from a legal professor, a bioethicist, a family planner, and a scholar of the abortion rights movement.
  • Newsmaker: Funeral in the Congo and Kabila's Successor - Slain Congolese President Laurent Kabila was buried today. Journalist Danna Harman joins us from the capital, Kinshasa, after attending the state funeral. She talks about the challenges facing the resource-rich country and Kabila's son, Joseph, who succeeds him.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Tension in the Supreme Court - A code of silence has been broken as news of trouble among Supreme Court justices surfaces. Joan Biskupic, who writes on the Supreme Court for USA Today, blames a month in the spotlight and attacks over last year's decision that gave Bush Florida's electoral votes.

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