The State of the Planet, 35 Years after First Earth Day

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Although yesterday, on the 35th observance of Earth Day, President Bush sounded upbeat and optimistic, environmentalists may be losing the battle for public opinion. "Global Warming" is a lot more complicated than "Save the Whales," and there's widespread skepticism about calls for radical change. The latest gloomy prediction comes from the United Nations, which says that 60 percent of the ecosystems needed for human life are degrading. How did 1300 scientists from 95 countries reach consensus? Can technology save the future? Should the free market be unleashed or better controlled? We speak with historians, scientists, experts in technology and the environment as well as the co-chair of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.
  • Making News: September 11 Trials
    In Alexandria, Virginia today, lawyers for alleged September 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui said he's incompetent to plead guilty to crimes that could carry the death sentence. Earlier this week, the judge in the case found that Moussaoui was competent. Meantime, in Spain, three other 9/11 suspects have gone on trial. Sebastian Rotella has followed all these cases for the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Clinton Impeachment, Revenge for 1974 Nixon Impeachment Proceedings?
    Henry Hyde, who led the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, h:as told an interviewer he can't say the effort wasn't a payback for the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Talking to Chicago ABC News' Andy Shaw, the retiring Illinois Congressman added, "I also thought that the Republican Prty should stand for something, and if we walked away from this, no matter how difficult, we could be accused of shirking our duty." Presidential biographer Richard Reeves says impeachment has become an "acceptable political tactic."

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