The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism

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Osama bin Laden has posited his considering the use of nuclear weapons as a religious duty. The suicide attacks of September 11 have convinced the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and President Bush that possible terrorist use of nuclear weapons is the nightmare scenario that might come true. We assess the vulnerability of nuclear plants in the US and other states known to have such weapons, look at the way nuclear materials might be used, and ask what can be done to stop them, with nuclear and non-proliferation experts
  • Newsmaker: Musharraf Calls for US to Halt War during Ramadan - Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has said he'll try to persuade President Bush to stop the bombing of Afghanistan during Ramadan to avoid a "negative fallout in the entire Muslim world." Shireen Hunter, from the Islam Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, talks about waging war and peace during Muslim's holiest month.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Help for Afghan Women and Other Refugees - Even before the Taliban's repression, women in Afghanistan were the victims of decades of war. Fifty percent of Afghan women are widows. With widespread bombing, many are refugees. Professor Yacoobi established the Afghan Institute of Learning to try to help other Afghan women. Now she finds herself helping refugees as well.

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