Democrats searching for the soul of their party

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Despite winning a majority of the popular vote, the Democrats lost the presidency in the Electoral College. But that's not all. Republicans have majorities in both houses of Congress and — since the Obama Administration took office — 900 Democratic state legislators have been ousted. The number of Democratic governors has dropped from 29 to 15. The Party's next big decision: who will Chair the Democratic National Committee? One leading candidate is Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota, an African American and a practicing Muslim.

(L-R) Martin O'Malley, Keith Ellison and Howard Dean are
three of the people being considered to head the DNC

We hear two very different perspectives from Matt Bennett, Co-founder of Third Way, a strategy center for Centrist Democrats, and Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director of Democracy for America, a PAC with members allied with Senator Bernie Sanders.




Warren Olney