Hillary's "Go to Hell" Response to the Email Controversy

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Hillary Clinton may be the consensus Democratic nominee for president next year, but she hasn't declared yet -- and she hadn't talked to reporters for many months. But, yesterday, at the UN, she broke her silence to address accusations about excessive secrecy while she was the senior member of President Obama's cabinet.

In her first news conference in two years, Clinton answered a question about her use of private email while she was Secretary of State.  "When I got to work as Secretary of State, I opted for convenience to use my personal email account which was allowed by the State Department, because I thought it would be easier to carry one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two... At the time this didn't seem like an issue." John Harris, editor-in-chief at Politico and author of The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House, has an analysis.

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