Transition to a New President

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As the nation waits for a ruling from Florida, two potential administrations try to prepare for life in Washington. With inauguration day two months off, the new president -- whoever he is -- will have to fill 6000 jobs, thousand of which need Senate confirmation. We'll hear about the consequences of all this delay from aides to previous Republican and Democratic presidents, and from both sides of a Congress almost equally divided.
  • Newsmaker: Egypt Pulls Ambassador from Israel -
    Middle East tensions simmer as Egypt recalled its Ambassador to Israel in the continuing aftermath of this week's deadly violence. Dan Ephron, a Jerusalem-based contributor to Newsweek, talks about the micro and macro diplomacy that's the result of tit-for-tat escalating violence.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Gore-Baker Conversation -
    Just when you thought election developments couldn't get any stranger, satirist Harry Shearer imagines a what Al Gore and James Baker might be saying - if they were talking. (Excerpted from "Le Show".)



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