Donald Trump: Conspiracy theories and the 'war against women'

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Republicans have always sneered when Democrats claim they're conducting a "war against women." Now Donald Trump has inspired a war between women Republicans. Some are so offended by reports of his sexual aggressiveness they no longer support him. Others say that's old news, timed by the media to do maximum damage, and they're still backing their Party's nominee for the White House. With women constituting a majority of American voters, it's a dispute with consequences for the future of the GOP. One veteran consultant is already brand-testing names for a new conservative Party.


Harry Enten - FiveThirtyEight - @ForecasterEnten, Brittany Pounders - Toronto Sun / Liberty Juice - @libertybritt, Catherine Mazanowicz - Cook County Republican Party - @CatheMazanowicz, Rick Wilson - Republican strategist and media consultant - @TheRickWilson

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