Turkey-s Political Crisis

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Ninety-nine percent Muslim, Turkey is strategically located between the Arab world and Europe. A strong US ally since the Cold War, the Western oriented democracy continues to hold credible credentials with the Arab world as well as Israel. Now, after recent visits by Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, it-s has become a key element in President Bush-s plan for removing Saddam Hussein. But with the impact of the Gulf War still lingering, and the current government coming to an end, will Iraq-s former major trading partner go along? We explore the strategic importance of Turkey and its role in America-s plans for the future with two former ambassadors, a Turkish journalist and the director of a Middle East political and strategic think tank.
  • Newsmaker: Two Police Officers Indicted in Inglewood Arrest
    Los Angeles County-s latest videotaped police beating has been handled with lightening speed. Only 11 days after TV stations aired footage of an Inglewood policeman slamming a young, handcuffed suspect down on the trunk of a car, two officers have been indicted. Connie Rice, Co-Director of the Advancement project, attributes the quick response to the -high political IQ- of District Attorney Steve Cooley.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Warchalking Free Wireless Internet
    Wireless Internet access is beginning to catch on in homes and offices. Until recently, unauthorized users have been able to log on for free, although they-ve had to cruise the streets, searching with big antennas. Now, in high-tech San Francisco, the process has gotten much easier. Paul Boutin, technology writer for Wired News, attributes such -WiFi- progress to -warchalking.-

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