Unimog and SUVs

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It weighs over six tons. It's nearly as tall as an NBA-regulation basketball hoop. The make-your-own-road Unimog will soon hit the US at a pricey 84 thousand dollars. In response to media and environmental attacks, Daimler Chrysler has backpedaled on mass marketing the oversized vehicle, claiming the commercial sector as its primary target. We look at SUV mania, how American manufacturers will respond to this German road-hog, and its effect on the environment, with a Unimog owner, an anthropologist marketing researcher, environmentally conscious car enthusiast, and Daimler-Chrysler spokesman. (Sara Terry guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Violence in Indonesia - Ethnic strife in Borneo has left more than a thousand dead. Political scientist Jeffrey Winters, an expert on Indonesia, calls the violence an unintended result of a World Bank transmigration project. Updating the current situation, he reviews the government's efforts to stop the violence and weighs in on whether it was preventable.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Harry Shearer on the Democrats - Political satirist Harry Shearer predicts that President Bush will do a "workman-like job" tomorrow night in his budget speech before a joint session of Congress and a national TV audience. He suggests the Democrats stop licking their wounds, get their mind off the Bill-and-Hillary show -- distracting though it is, and look to the future.


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