US Energy Crisis

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California's booming economy has increased energy demand but energy infrastructure hasn't kept pace, creating a huge market imbalance. Meanwhile George W. Bush has called for a "national energy policy." Should deregulation play a part? Will cleaner alternative fuels make us less dependent on polluting fossil fuels? What about conservation? We ask experts from the nation's largest oil and gas explorers, LA's Department of Water and Power, the American Nuclear Society, and a consumer-environmental advocacy group.
  • Notebook: Middle East Update - With only ten days left before he leaves office, issues of a divided Jerusalem and Palestinian right of return leave President Clinton little hope of finding a peace settlement. Dan Ephron, Middle East correspondent for Newsweek, says that a declaration of principles is a more likely goal.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bush Cabinet Nominations and The Bork-o-meter - Thomas Crapper and Charles Boycott gave their names to the language. Satirist and political commentator Harry Shearer reminds us that Robert Bork did, too. Shearer has introduced the Bork-o-meter as a way of measuring the Senate confirmation process.



Warren Olney