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Although congregations across the country are in uproar over revelations of sexual child-abuse by priests, the Church's highest officials have been reluctant to speak out. Even New York's Cardinal Edward Egan, who has branded child abuse an "abomination" and promised details of church policy for handling such accusations, left many questions unanswered. Have cardinals and bishops covered up criminal acts? Will the Church open its records to prosecutors without limitation? What will it take to get the Vatican to take notice? We assess the cultural and legal liabilities of the growing scandal in America's Roman Catholic Church with theologists, the Vatican correspondent for The National Catholic Reporter, and attorneys for the Church and the State.
  • Newsmaker: Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Charged with Treason
    After losing last week's disputed election to Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai has been charged with treason, arrested and released on bail. Nicole Itano, covering the story for The Christian Science Monitor, expands on the charges against the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, and Zimbabwe's recent suspension from the British Commonwealth.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Hollywood "Bake-Offs"
    Sunday night, millions of TV viewers will watch as Hollywood stars celebrate victories and agonize over defeats. Behind the glamour, there's some down-and-dirty action viewers won't see in the bare-knuckle battles over Oscars for special effects. Sheigh Crabtree, who writes about film technology for The Hollywood Reporter, says the Oscar "bake-offs" showcase craftsmanship in visual effects, make up and sound editing.

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