What Does GM-UAW Deal Mean for American Workers?

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The US auto industry once led the manufacturing world, providing high wages, adequate health benefits and generous pensions. Now, auto-workers are among those getting squeezed out of what's called "economic recovery." After looking at General Motors' financial situation, United Auto Workers Union leaders have agreed to $15 billion in healthcare reductions. Delphi, the parts maker spun off from GM seven years ago, wants to impose a two-thirds pay cut to help the company out of bankruptcy. Some economists say it's all about the globalized economy, but others blame America's way of doing business. Will more companies stop offering health benefits altogether? Will top executives take cuts along with their workers? Does this mean the end of America's prosperous middle class? We speak with experts in labor, public policy, healthcare and global economics.
  • Making News: Latest on Libby, Rove Connection to CIA Leak
    While all of Washington is consumed by speculation, there's one place where talk about Karl Rove's possible indictment is forbidden--the Bush White House. Jim VandeHei, who reports for the Washington Post, says that despite outside appearances, it's been a tough year for the White House and its staffers, many of whom are demoralized and unhappy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Congress Bans Gun-Liability Suits
    Dozens of lawsuits are likely to be thrown out of court when President Bush signs a bill sent to him yesterday by Congress. Shooting victims and families have sued gun makers and sellers, who will now be sheltered by federal law. While the National Rifle Association calls the legislation a "historic victory," Oakland City Attorney John Russo, one of 11 California municipalities whose suits would be dismissed, voices a distinctively different opinion.
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