Wi-Fi in the Wilderness

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As Americans head off to campgrounds this summer, they'll be packing their tents, sleeping bags, and laptops. That's right...laptops. Camping used to be about getting away from it all. Now, if you drive past campgrounds or RV parks, you're likely to see signs advertising wi-fi access. Gone are the days when a few songs around the campfire would suffice for our entertainment in the woods. Now wireless connections can keep Americans in touch with their email, even with the office. This news follows the recent launch of the i-phone, a gadget that, like the blackberry, seems designed to seduce us into yet more hours on the web. Has our internet dependence gone too far? Do we have an addiction or has the wired world simply given us the freedom to mix work and play? Are we so busy living in a virtual world that we have forgotten how to enjoy the real world?




Judy Muller