In Alabama, Trump lost but 'Trumpism' wins

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In the aftermath of yesterday's GOP primary in Alabama, President Trump has deleted his tweets supporting incumbent US Senator Luther Strange, the loser. Now, he's all in favor of former Judge Roy Moore, the religious right-winger who brandished a pistol on stage during one campaign rally. Trump seemed to be having second thoughts about supporting Senator Strange -- even last Friday, before any votes had been cast.

Last night after defeating Senator Strange, Moore told supporters, "Together we can make America Great. We can support the president. Don't let any in the press think that because he supported my opponent, I do not support him and his agenda… but we have to return the knowledge of God to the US Congress."

All this is "setting the stage for a "worsening" Republican civil war," according to Robert Costa of the Washington Post and host of Washington Week on PBS.




Warren Olney