Will Bush Take Yes from Saddam?

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Officials at the United Nations say it could take weeks to analyze Iraq-s 12,000-page denial that it has weapons of mass destruction. President Bush says he-ll wait for the UN inspection process to run its course, but claims to have evidence of his own that Saddam Hussein is building such weapons. Meantime, Iraq says -put up or shut up,- and US conservatives warn of -appeasement- and -moral cowardice- if the President backs down. We get an update from Baghdad, where many feel that UN weapons inspections are mere window dressing for a war that is inevitable. Then we assess this potentially deadly three-way diplomatic standoff with a former member of Iraq-s secret weapons program, a Reuters- correspondent at the UN, an intelligence specialist from Boston University and an investigative reporter for the National Security News Service.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Announces His New Treasury Secretary
    Having announced his choice of railroad executive John Snow to be Secretary of the Treasury, President Bush is expected to name Stephen Friedman of Goldman Sachs as White House economic advisor. Bob Lenzner, national editor of Forbes magazine, takes a look at the industrialist who began his career in public life, and the aggressive, articulate investment banker who will likely become the newest players on the President-s economic team.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mormons, Native Americans and DNA
    The Book of Mormon says that Native Americans are the descendents of ancient tribes of Israel. Now, doctoral student Thomas Murphy, a descendant of the earliest Mormon pioneers, is risking excommunication from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by claiming that genetic data disproves that relationship. Indiana University professor emeritus Jan Shipps has studied the Mormons for many years.

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