Will Post-War Plans Make Iraq another Afghanistan?

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With President Bush pressing his case for a campaign to disarm Saddam Hussein, there is concern that a war with Iraq will divert attention from Afghanistan. A year after the US launched its war against al Qaeda and the Taliban, Afghanistan continues to tremble under the feuding of rival warlords, terrorist bombings and political assassinations, and despite a flood of returning refugees, international donors have been slow to make good on their promises of financial aid. Can the US rebuild Afghanistan while waging war with Iraq, and rebuild that nation too. We update the situation in the region, then consider the prospects for simultaneous nation-building with an Iraqi opposition leader, former state department official and independent journalist Arthur Kent.
Guest hosted by Bill Whittaker of CBS News.
  • Newsmaker: Response to Bush Speech
    Days before Congress is scheduled vote on resolutions giving President Bush the authority to attack Iraq, the President spoke to the nation. Faulting the -dictator of Iraq- for using -murder as a tool of terror and control,- he judged Saddam Hussein capable of launching a biological or chemical attack on the US -on any given day.- Bill Schneider, senior political analyst for CNN, evaluates the importance of last night-s speech.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Iraqi Animosity toward the US
    Many in the Bush administration predict that Iraqi citizens would be overjoyed to be rid of Saddam Hussein should American troops depose him. But New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who has recently returned from Iraq, cautions that rather than dancing in the streets, Baghdad may be the center of fierce fighting.
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President Bush's Speech on Iraqi Threat

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