Will the US Supreme Court Take Another Right Turn?

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When he was nominated to an appellate court in 1990, Democrats praised Samuel Alito as an apolitical public servant and Senate confirmation was unanimous. That was then, this is now. Yesterday, when President Bush nominated him to the US Supreme Court, Judge Alito had amassed what Harriet Miers had not: more than 240 opinions, including 41 dissents, in issues ranging from civil and states' rights, gun control and abortion. Conservatives and liberals are ready to wage political warfare. How conservative are Alito's legal opinions? Is he an ideologue or a careful scholar? What are the prospects for a Senate filibuster? We take a look first at Alito's legal record and at the politics of the confirmation process.
  • Making News: President Bush Seeks $7.1 Billion for Flu Pandemic Protection
    President Bush today called for $7.1 billion to prepare for a bird flu pandemic he said could kill the young and healthy as well as the old, frail and sick. Maryn McKenna, who covers the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is author of Beating Back the Devil, about the federal government's disease control efforts.
  • Reporter's Notebook: President's Tax Panel Proposals Could Affect Homeowners
    After a year of public meetings, the President's Advisory Panel on Tax Reform has provided him a menu of options. But the panel itself says that, while tax reform is a noble goal, it will require political will against a myriad of interest groups. Is this the domestic initiative the Bush White House needs after weeks of setbacks? Jeffrey Birnbaum, author of Showdown at Gucci Gulch, reports on finances for the Washington Post.

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