With Iraq Election Over, Vote Counting Is Under Way

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While it could be two weeks until Iraqis know who they've elected to be their leaders, yesterday's turnout was a shot in the arm for President Bush, and a wake-up call for the rest of the Middle East. Nevertheless, the election would not have been possible without US and British forces to provide security. Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said today that, after yesterday-s voting, "terrorists now know that they cannot win." Still, the large turnout of Shiites could make it difficult for Sunni leaders to accept the results. Will the new government have the power to enforce its will and establish the rule of law? How soon will Iraq cease to be "a republic of fear?" We update the vote-counting process and the likelihood of uniting Iraq with reporters for the Christian Science Monitor, New Yorker and BBC, and the founder of the Iraqi National Congress, now an opposition figure.
  • Making News: Democratic State Party Chairs Back Dean
    New York Senator Hillary Clinton says she's fine after reports that she was close to fainting at an event in Buffalo. Meantime, in Washington, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said yesterday-s election has paved the way for President Bush to outline an exit strategy from Iraq, but Democrats are preoccupied with the question of who their party-s next National Chairman will be. Today, 96 state party chairs held a conference call in the midst of an effort to stop Howard Dean. Howard Fineman of Newsweek has an update on both stories.
  • Reporters Notebook: Arab Media Focuses on Voting, Not Violence
    Voting wasn-t the only story yesterday in Iraq. There were also suicide bombings and insurgent attacks that killed at least 44 people and injured many more. So, what was the editorial choice of Arab newspapers and the satellite TV channels that have emphasized bloody violence for almost two years? Hassan Fattah, who reports from the Middle East for the New York Times, looks at the Arab media's coverage of yesterday's events.
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